Immunohistochemical Expression of Fibroblast Marker TE-7 in Human Dental Pulp Cells

  • Dr CL Davidson
  • Dr S Nel
  • Marlene van Heerden
  • Professor willie van heerden
Keywords: Dental pulp, Fibroblasts, Pericytes, TE-7


Introduction: Fibroblasts are currently identified by exclusion, as no specific fibroblast marker is presently available. Positive identification of these cells therefore remains challenging. The anti-fibroblast antibody, TE-7 clone was proposed as a fibroblast-specific marker. This research aimed to evaluate the application of the anti-human anti-fibroblast TE-7 clone expression in fibroblasts of the human dental pulp as an aid in identification of these cells.

Method: Twenty-four routinely extracted human teeth were collected. The dental tissues were fixed, decalcified, routinely processed and embedded in paraffin wax for Haematoxylin and Eosin staining and immunohistochemical analysis. Demonstration of monoclonal mouse anti-human anti-fibroblast antibody, TE-7 clone expression was performed on 3μm formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections. Detection of the antibody binding was performed using the NovolinkTM Polymer Detection System.

 Positive anti-fibroblast antibody, TE-7 clone staining was observed in fibroblasts and the collagenous stroma of the dental pulp. The odontoblasts lining the pulp periphery were negative with this clone, while the pulpal blood vessel walls revealed distinct staining.

Conclusion: Although the anti-fibroblast antibody, TE-7 clone is a sensitive marker for the identification of dental pulp fibroblasts, it is not specific in their identification. This particular clone may be useful as a marker for pericytes of the blood vessel walls of the dental pulp vessels.